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I was born in Kansas City, Missouri but was raised over on the Kansas side in a suburb called Overland Park. My love for making theatre was present at a very early age where I spent most of my time dressing up as the characters from The Wizard of Oz and preceding to put on the entire musical as a one-man show for my family. As I grew older, I spent my time in community theatre all across the Kansas City metro growing my love for the art.

My passion for performing brought me to INDIANA UNIVERSITY and that's where I currently reside as I continue to pursue my B.F.A. in Musical Theatre. My time at IU has been absolutely incredible and I've been able to explore so many new areas of theatre outside of solely performing. I continue to stay inspired with every new show I see, whether it's a national tour at our very own IU Auditorium, or a trip east to a brand new musical on a Broadway stage.

Outside of theatre, I love playing piano and watching or playing sports. My interest in sports specifically lies in soccer, which I played at the varsity level in high school. You might also find me by the TV on Sunday afternoons watching my Kansas City Chiefs!

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